UNDAN Coffee Table and UNI Side Table

This piece intricately explores the delicate medium of metal weaving, showcasing its intricacies and unique qualities. The transparent characteristics of the material create a sense of duality, revealing both what lies within and beyond its surface. Despite its transparency, the mono material used in its construction unites the piece into a cohesive whole, blending its disparate elements into a singular object of beauty and fascination.


UNDAN Coffee Table

This project aims to highlight the metal weaving techniques originating from the Sumba region in Indonesia. It seeks to blend two distinct forms: a modern, half-spherical structure with the monumental ornaments reminiscent of ancient Hindu-Buddhist temples. By combining these elements, the project creates a harmonious union of contemporary design and historical tradition, paying homage to the rich cultural heritage of the region while embracing innovative techniques and aesthetics.

UNI Side Table

A contemporary and monumental creation meticulously crafted using the indigenous metal weaving technique of Sumba, typically employed in jewelry making.

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