Studio Hendro Hadinata Participated in ICAD 2022 - Fragmenting Yesterday, Reshaping Tomorrow

Studio Hendro Hadinata participates in the annual contemporary art and design exhibition; ICAD – Indonesian Contemporary Art and Design 2022. This year, ICAD appointed the theme “FRAGMENTING YESTERDAY, RESHAPING TOMORROW”. Engaged in the object and product design line, SHH presents the latest product developments, named the Eve Pendant Lamp, Uni Side Table and Undan Coffee Table.

Without losing the traditional values of Indonesia, SHH adopts a craft technique originating from Sumba called metal weaving. Initially, metal weaving is used by local people in Sumba to make a gift for the groom when he proposes to the bride.

Starting from these local handicraft techniques, SHH developed the metal weaving culture from Sumba into modern products such as furniture, artwork, and home decorations. The metal weaving which at first had a characteristic round edges was later explored into triangular shape. The triangular shape refers to “Tri Hita Karana”; a gospel that teaches humans to seek harmonious relationships with God, fellow humans and the natural environment.

Currently, the development of metal weaving culture from SHH chooses three types of metal that can be used for weaving that are stainless, copper, and bronze. Those metals have different colors which can match the needs and uses in product and interior designs. Metal weaving can be turned out for a variety of uses and will provide an organic and lightweight product form.

Uni Side Table (L) & Undan Coffee Table (R)
Eve Pendant Lamp

Uni Side Table

A contemporary and monumental object, handcrafted from indigenous SUMBA metal weaving technique (usually used on jewelry maker).


Undan Coffee Table

A project to emphasized metal weaving techniques from SUMBA region. The notion is to united two forms, a modern of half-spherical and a monumental ornament from ancient temple of the Hindu-Buddhism era.


Eve Pendant Lamp

A contemporary pendant lamp, with flexible characteristic design and also can be used in various area placements. Eve pendant lamp is made of metal weaving techniques which modernized by Studio Hendro Hadinata. Comes in three wire materials; stainless, copper and bronze.

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