Studio Hendro Hadinata Participated in FIND Design Fair Asia Singapore

FIND (Furniture, Interiors, Design) – Design Fair Asia stands as the largest design exhibition held at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, scheduled for September 22-24, 2022. This event holds significant prominence within the Singapore Design Week 2022 framework.

Studio Hendro Hadinata has been cordially invited to showcase its latest product developments during this year’s exhibition. Among the featured pieces are the Uni Side Table, Undan Coffee Table, and Bloom Coffee Table (crafted in collaboration with CARIA Design).

Undan Coffee Table is a project that accentuates metal weaving techniques originating from the Sumba region. It aims to combine two distinct forms: a modern, half-spherical design with the monumental ornaments reminiscent of ancient Hindu-Buddhist temples.

Uni Side Table, on the other hand, is a contemporary and monumental object crafted using the indigenous Sumba metal weaving technique, traditionally employed in jewelry making.

Introducing the Bloom Coffee Table, a contemporary piece that revitalizes the connection to Indonesia’s rural Musi Banyuasin (Muba) region. This unique table incorporates Muba’s indigenous Titik Tujuh (Seven Dots) tie-dye textiles into its durable surfaces, creating a modern twist on traditional craftsmanship. The table features oval tiers that can be swiveled and reshaped, allowing gentle light transitions to showcase the subtle shades of Titik Tujuh. Crafted in collaboration with Caria Design, the Bloom Coffee Table beautifully merges cultural heritage with contemporary design aesthetics.

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