Bloom Coffee Table: A Treasure of Musi Banyuasin

Musi Banyuasin is one of the hidden gems of Sumatera, Indonesia. The birthplace of Jumputan; a traditional tie-dyeing process for fabric in the local area. Studio Hendro Hadinata has an eye on Jumputan’s unique craftsmanship and its community. We realized Jumputan has many opportunities to turn into many product designs.

In a harmonious collaboration with CARIA Design, our studio proudly presents Bloom, a turntable coffee table that seamlessly blends functionality with the artistic pattern of Jumputan. Bloom encapsulates the essence of Jumputan—a technique renowned for its captivating patterns achieved through the meticulous process of hand-dyeing fabrics by hand. Each swirl and motif tells a story, telling a sense of cultural depth and timeless charm.

Crafted with precision and passion, Bloom transcends the ordinary, offering more than just a surface for your morning brew. It serves as a focal point in any living space, inviting conversations and admiration for its unique design. The turntable feature adds a touch of practicality, allowing for easy access to items placed on its surface from any angle.

Discover the artistry of Jumputan, embodied in every curve and contour of Bloom, and make a statement that transcends time and trends. For any requests or questions regarding Bloom Coffee Table, please feel free to reach out to us at

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