Sang Hyang Anantaboga at Bintaro Design District

Studio Hendro Hadinata was an active participant in the Bintaro Design District (BDD) held in Bintaro, South Tangerang, from September 14 to 24, 2022. BDD, as described on its official website, serves as a platform to connect Jakarta’s creative community with the public, particularly within the vibrant creative hub of Bintaro, Indonesia.

The theme for the 2022 edition of BDD was “Sharing the Future.” Studio Hendro Hadinata contributed an art installation titled “Sang Hyang Anantaboga” In Javanese wayang puppetry, Anantaboga is depicted as a king in the form of a snake that transforms into a dragon. According to mythology, Anantaboga resides in the underworld or at the bottom of the earth, serving as the deity that upholds the earth. Various sources also describe Anantaboga as the guardian of religious and spiritual harmony, a vital aspect in navigating a shared future.

The installation showcased the diverse representations of snakes or dragons found across Nusantara (the Indonesian archipelago), ranging from traditional fabric motifs to contemporary design elements present in jewelry, household objects, and architectural features. Titled “Instalasi Dunia Bawah“, Studio Hendro Hadinata’s creation offered a contemporary interpretation of the mythical fourth dimension within Anantaboga’s underworld. This mythology, deeply ingrained in the collective consciousness of the Nusantara people, serves as a symbol of hope for a shared future within the Indonesian archipelago.

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