Sang Hyang Anantaboga – Bintaro Design District 2022

Studio Hendro Hadinata participated in Bintaro Design District (BDD) located at Bintaro, South Tangerang, 14-24 September 2022. As per say in the official website, Bintaro Design District is a design event that sims to bridge Jakarta’s creative worker with the public, especially within the creative incubator that is Bintaro, Indonesia.

2022’s BDD theme is sharing the future.

Studio Hendro Hadinata comes with art installation of “Sang Hyang Anantaboga

In Javanese puppet culture “wayang”, Anantaboga is a king in snake form who metamorphoses into a dragon, lives in the underworld or the bottom of the earth and is believed to be the god that supports the earth. Several literatures also reveal that Anantaboga is the guardian of harmony between religions and beliefs, a necessity that is needed by the community in facing a common future together.

Application; form, motif and appearance of the snake or dragon in Nusantara with various different visuals, can be found in many artefact also design and craft; from two dimentional in traditional fabric, fashion objects like jewelry, everyday objects such as jar, tableware until a furniture, interior objects and architecture on walls, column and house-guard statue.

Celebration; Instalasi Dunia Bawa is a contemporary interpretation about the existence of fourth dimension in the underworld of Anantaboga, a mythology that has existed for a very long time among the people of Nusantara and has become a symbol of hope that they will continue to share the future in the land of the Nusantara.

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