BAJI Dining Chair | BAJI Task Chair | BAJI Lounge Chair

Baji chair is an object with simplicity at it’s core. Simplicity that made it versatile and
flexible to be placed in complementary with any spatial design. A modesty in simplicity that is easy to comprehend, and inclusive. Simplicity, just like an easy listening music that is loved by any ears out there. The name itself is inspired by Baji, a clamping tools thats used familiarly in wood working. The inspiration translates directly to the technical concept in the seamless joint between backrest and footings that looked like it’s just clamped together.

Comes in three different set ups, the Baji series features a signature curved backrest that is fascinating aesthetically. The Baji Lounge chair combines the signature backrest with a cushioned seatings that is designed to provide coziness and homely feeling.

Another rendition of the Baji series, Baji Dining Chair also features the signature curved backrest that provides it’s distinctive look. The Dining Chair, features all the best quality of Baji Series, but is designed specifically to fulfill the needs of a dining spatial settings.

Part of the Baji series, Baji Task Chair also features the signature curved backrest that
provides comfort. Completed with wheeled footings, this task chair are designed to
support mobility in order to achieve optimal productivity without sacrificing its aesthetic quality.

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